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Triple Stick Tapes are reusable over and over!

There's no need to replace tapes after each use! Simply wipe the tapes with Skin Tac ipes and the adhesive becomes active again. Clients are reporting over 10 uses for a single set of tapes! Naturally, results may vary, depending on how well you prepare your skin, how oily your skin is naturally, and the size of the breast forms or enhancers being attached.


Why use our Double Sided Tapes?

  • "Triple Stick" holding strength: now you can go braless using any* silicone breast form!
  • Makes any breast form feel like a real breast on your chest.
  • The weight of the breast form is borne by your chest, the way it should be, not your bra straps.
  • Great for holding breast enhancers in place, with or without a bra!
  • Combines with Skin Tac Wipes to become reusable and very inexpensive, saving you money!
  • Use the tapes to keep your breast form from sliding around in your bra.
  • Lets you wear strapless bras: the tapes do the work instead of your bra.
  • Easy to apply and remove.
  • Tapes are invisible and mold to your skin.
  • Waterproof! Wear it with your favorite bathing suit and swim forms.
  • Finally, no more messy spray adhesives that leave your skin red and blotchy.
  • Leaves no sticky residue on your chest.
  • Can be trimmed to match the shape of your breast form.

Please note
One tape will secure a small breast form or silicone prothesen l in place. To go braless wearing a breast form, we recommend two tapes* per form to make them fully secure, depending on your breast form size. For breast forms size D to F, three tapes may be required, and larger forms will require more. This will depend on form weight and size.

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